About Me

My name is Scott, and I've worked prior professionally 15 years as an ASE certified technician and trainer.
I did my tour in places like Montgomery Wards, Sears, Penske, Pepboys, and a couple of independent shops.

I offer tune ups, brakes, starters, alternators, front end + CV axles, etc, at a reasonable rate.
I'm saving people quit a bit of money; the last job I did, a shop quoted 550 dollars, I did it for 200.

Why? Because I'm not greedy, and I'm not into gouging people.
You get a much better deal, and I earn a little for upgrades! It's win/win! 

I love fixing and improving things, it was always a great passion of mine. I think mainly because of the instant gratification, or maybe it was always a way to measure myself, not sure. I know that every car, motorcycle, bike, skateboard, computer, that I ever had didn't stay stock very long. I'm definitely a gearhead, but I'm also a tuner too. You can tell looking at my cars, even though it's imports I still do it old school, my AE86 has a 1.8 3TC "lil hemi" , naturally aspirated with a 32/34 Weber, my own grassroots homemade headers, and kicking 15" old school Center Lines. It's pretty cool, it doesn't sound like an import, sounds like  muscle car, lol.

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